• Transport NSW - Bus Driver


    If you enjoy driving and interacting with the locals, you may enjoy a career as a bus driver around Los Santos or the greater Blaine County region. To get started, simply head to any of the three bus route blips that will appear on your map after accepting the job. Routes are located at the Strawberry Ave LS Transit Interchange (metro bus route), the Dashound Terminal ("scenic" route, not currently recommended) and LS International Airport (Airport-City shuttle).



    At the terminal, you should see a floating green marker, walk up to this and press E or LB to start your route. For both the Metro and Airport routes, you will be randomly assigned to one of several routes. Your bus will be provided with remote locking and a full tank of fuel, though you may still need to purchase fuel during longer journeys (particularly the scenic route). Once assigned a route, you will see the Bus Route UI showing your current route, next stop name, current till and remaining stops. Note that you do not receive payment until you complete the entire route!


    You should also now see a waypoint set to the next stop. Currently, this script uses the player waypoint system, so it is advisable to NOT set your own waypoint during your route (or you will need to re-select the next stop to navigate there). Drive to the route, and safely pull the bus up near the curb at the stop, marked with another floating green marker. Note that you should not need to mount the curb - the stop will trigger from a safe parking position. Some existing passengers will get off and continue on with their day, and a random number of new passengers will get on board and purchase a ticket. Once everyone is safely seated, the waypoint will direct you to the next stop.



    Continue through the route until you return to the terminal. After the last stop (at the terminal) where any remaining passengers will leave the vehicle, you will be directed to park the bus back where it initially spawned. The bus will then be removed to the local garage, and you'll be paid the money earned selling tickets. This money is in addition to your regular salary that will be paid while you're on shift.


    Remember to follow all road rules during your shift, and take note of the extra length of the vehicle. You must hold a valid C class license at all times while employed as a bus driver.

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